Engineering Activity


Installation and fitting of carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic piping systems in industrial plants and facilities.

Construction, installation and maintenance of pipeline networks and their associated fixtures and equipment. Pipeline routing construction based on isometric piping section drawings or on-site route planning.

Pipe rack or in-plant implementation from pre-production through bracketing, installation and pressure testing to commissioning.


Plastic, carbon steel and stainless material welding for steel structures and pressurised systems.

We primarily do welding jobs directly required for installation activities. Structural steel welding applying welding process 111 and 135. We apply process 141 and the combination of process 141/111 for pipeline system construction. We have substantial experience in both hot plate and electrofusion fitting methods for plastic process pipeline constructions.

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Plant and equipment installation

Installation, configuration and commissioning of pumps, fans, production machinery, heat exchangers and other plant and equipment.

Removal of engineering units, pumps, fans, compressors, heat exchanger, storage tanks, etc. and measuring the location of the new unit using geodetic survey methods. Carry out unloading, rough positioning and precision positioning of the new equipment for installation. We also have extensive experience in special lifting and handling procedures during previous project implementation works. We also perform minor construction and foundation works upon request.


Continuous, periodic and operational failure related engineering and mechanical maintenance of production factories and plants all around the country.

We are at your service as early as in the preparatory phases of maintenance interventions. Our technical staff is ready to share their experience to assist you in the condition survey, maintenance planning and scheduling of plants, production units, equipment, installations and machinery, and in the organisation of tasks. We are pleased to share our diverse industry experience with our partners./p>

Professional maintenance is the basis of safe operation.

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